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Zebra created several different programs to empower Zebra legacy partners like you to offer more value to your customers, and ultimately get the tools you need to succeed. Whether you are a reseller or independent software vendor, Zebra’s partner program PartnersFirstTM, is designed to set you up for success.


CATCHWELL is committed to advance into one of the top mobile front line solution companies in the world as a venture company that contributes to the imporvement of corporate productivity and increase of efficiency by providing the optimal solution appropriate to the demand of users under the drastically advancing computing technology and information and communication environment.


ARBOR features a wide range of embedded computing products engineered for operation in harsh environments and industrial use. Our modular designs and range of form factors allow our products to serve a variety of applications. Combined with turnkey solutions, progressive design capabilities and responsive manufacturing practices, ARBOR is absolutely your ideal partner to empower your smart business.

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Many people you think are individual achievers in fact have either a strong spousal partner over many years or
a business partner who's either in the background, not given enough publicity or less egocentric.


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