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BarTender serves up Windows printing simplicity and Enterprise printing power.

Seagull Scientific is the developer of BarTender ® — award-winning software for designing and printing labels, barcodes, cards and RFID tags. Four editions address a wide range of requirements, including card printing and support for the most advanced label standards. BarTender runs stand-alone or integrated with major ERP applications from Oracle, SAP, IBM and others.

Printer support is provided using Seagull’s true Windows printer drivers. The drivers can be used with BarTender, as part of Seagull’s full label design solution, or used with any other Windows program to print barcodes and encode RFID data on Zebra label and card printers anywhere on your network.

BarTender and “Drivers by Seagull” are translated into over 20 languages to support worldwide customers. Visit Seagull’s website to download a free, full-working 30-day Trial Edition.

Visit www.seagullscientific.com and see how you can benefit from the Zebra and BarTender partnership.

BarTender label software by Seagull Scientific has been available since the 1980s, and it’s now used in in excess of 150 countries, with hundreds of thousands of users relying on it every day. The reason why so many people rely on the world’s leading label software is simply because of its countless features which help to keep business inventory efficiently organized through labeling and tracking applications. Along with many impressive features that have become standard through the years, new software updates now include things like radio frequency identification, smart card support, and drawing tools, plus a host of modern applications which provide improved inventory oversight.

Get Started With Wizards
From the second a person starts using BarTender software, they will notice a sense of familiarity even if they have never used it before. The look and feel are comfortable for new users while they work their way from amateur to expert, characteristics that the software design team took great effort to make sure of. Useful mouse techniques are provided which are distinct to the software, along with helpful wizard guides that provide instruction on using the many facets of the software which helps get a new user quickly familiarized with the labeling software.

From the newest user to the most experienced expert, the software’s varied wizards provide useful information and guidance which is helpful to everybody. These wizards offer step-by-step walkthroughs of vital design elements that can have an effect on not only the printing results but also compliance standards. Whether a user selects the label templates that came with the software or they design completely new templates for themselves, the labeling software satisfies multiple compliance standards across numerous industries.

Customization Features
While the BarTender label software offers its users a range of pre-designed templates that come ready to print, users also have the option to generate designs of their own for various templates and inventory labels, even identification cards. With access to numerous fonts and customization capabilities, users can include features that stand out, for instance highlighting, numbering, and superscript. The advanced drawing functions offer a large selection of pre-designed images that can be altered by size, shape, and color to suit the desires of the user.

To appropriately mark items as hazardous material, electrical or with another industry warning, the software is sold with hundreds of industrial symbols from multiple fields that can be easily added to any template. Whether it’s a company logo or a promotional photograph, images and graphics can quickly be imported for template designs and barcodes can also be exported for use in other programs. Along with these customization features, the software’s impressive printing capabilities now have more ways to help users. Software users of any level can professionally generate and customize company identification cards which are accurate and secure with the supporting print-time image capture, magnetic strips, smart cards and double-sided designs.

Companion Applications
Users can more efficiently manage the software’s design and print options with the variety of additional applications. Gaining access to the BarTender label software from other computer programs without the need to write code, navigating previous job logs for reprinting purposes, providing security by way of format encryption, printing options with simple point-and-click selections for non-technical users are some of the benefits these applications present to users.

No matter one’s technical level or design capabilities, labeling software continues to help users generate, customize, and produce professional templates for inventory tracking uses around the globe.



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