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POS Commerce Module, Scan a barcode to get a price, add promotions and loyalty cards, and keep business moving with mobile checkout from any location. Customers can securely swipe their debit or credit cards and receive emailed or printed receipts.


Functions available on all models we sell:
bullet_ball_glass_blue  Date and time on receipts and end of day report.
bullet_ball_glass_blue  End of Day report (Z read) showing totals by department and by method of payment.
bullet_ball_glass_blue  Refund
bullet_ball_glass_blue  Void/Error Correct.
bullet_ball_glass_blue  Calculate change.
bullet_ball_glass_blue  Give percentage or $ amount discounts.
bullet_ball_glass_blue  X read – daily total without resetting to zero.

Other basic features

Customer display

Shows your customer the value of the last item sold, or the transaction total when subtotal is pressed or the transaction is finalised. A customer display is built in on all other Casio models except the touchscreens (QT6000 and QT6100) although it is an optional extra for these models. On the TE-M80 it is fixed, on all other models it can be raised approximately 5 cm and swivelled to face the customer if required.

A rear display is available as an optional extra on PC POS systems where you have the choice of a traditional display or an LCD screen which can also be used to display promotional information to customers.



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