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RFID Cards

RFID Cards

RFID Cards

From the warehouse and loading dock to indoor customer-facing and carpeted environments, a mobile or handheld RFID reader can help you achieve maximum visibility into your enterprise assets. You can automatically identify, track and store inventory with RFID tags, and our RFID readers allow you to always be in control of your operations.

Features & benefits 

bullet_ball_glass_blue  A proximity card can be designed to allow access to whichever area deemed necessary. Each card will have a built in authorization code for certain areas.
bullet_ball_glass_blue  When an employee or team member approaches an access area they will have to scan their card.
bullet_ball_glass_blue  If their card is programmed for access they will be permitted to enter, if not they will be denied.
bullet_ball_glass_blue  This is referred to as ‘physical access control’.
bullet_ball_glass_blue  Proximity cards may also be utilized for ‘logical access control’. This simply means that they provide access to computer systems. This allows an organization to control which employees can access particular areas of a computer network.

bullet_ball_glass_blue  Implementing a proximity reader is not very complicated.
The access control system is an cinch to use.
As stated a proximity reader is designed to read access cards.
Some can do this from as far as an inch away and are used widely in places like parking garages.
bullet_ball_glass_blue  Still others have to come in direct contact with the readers magnetic strip.
bullet_ball_glass_blue  The technology utilized for distance proximity has came a long way.
In our high tech environment there is door technology that can read a credit card sized card through a wallet or purse as the employee passes the door.
bullet_ball_glass_blue  Of course entrance will be denied if the card is denied.



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