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Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels

We provide thermal printheads for all makes and models of thermal transfer and direct thermal barcode label printers. Call us for details on certain printheads that come with a guarantee.

Features & benefits 

Thermal Transfer Labels  printing uses more standard materials on the surface of it. That is to say that the labels etc. are not pre-impregnated with ink. Thermal transfer uses a process which requires a thermal carbon ribbon; the ink. As the label passes beneath the print head the image is transferred via heat, from the ribbon to the label.

The ribbon is positioned between the print-head and the label and as a secondary benefit it provides great protection to the print head as it removes the distinct abrasion that is present when printing in direct thermal mode –this greatly saves wear and tear on print-heads and is a potentially good cost saving by reducing the need for replacement print-heads.

The main benefit of the finished label and therefore the application is that it is not subject to degradation by heat and uv light and so it can be used confidently for applications which call for the labeling of long life products.

There are quite a few ribbon types available today but generally the main ones come under the following four ribbon materials: Wax, Resin Enhanced Wax, Wax/Resin and Full Resin.

Should special ribbon grades be required then we can and do conduct tests of the material and ribbon to ensure that they are correct for your application prior to agreeing to supply the system.

Typical applications for thermal transfer labels are transportation and logistics, archiving, asset tracking and any other long-life application.



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