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School Bus Tracking System


We understand that the School buses are under constant pressure to provide a safe, reliable service to the students and their parents and also to raise profits for the fleet owners. So DATAMETRIC Technologies provides a highly automated and customizable Student Care and School bus safety solution to reduce the stress on the drivers as well as on the transportation department of the School.


DATAMETRIC provides a custom GPS Tracking Solution designed for educational institutions. The solution is primarily focused at enhancing the student safety as well as the accountability of the travel operations. More than just remotely tracking the vehicles, the solution is designed to track every student, using RFID integration. This solution enables the school / college authorities to manage their transport operations more efficient, at the same time provide better peace of mind for the parents.


School Bus Tracking Solution



checkbox6Live Bus Tracking on Digital Map

checkbox6Stop Point Monitoring

checkbox6Graphical Dashboard & Reports Analysis

checkbox6Bus Route Optimization

checkbox6Driver Management & Evaluation

checkbox6Student Identification & Monitoring by RFID

checkbox6Incident Notification & Alerts

checkbox6SMS & Monitoring Facility to Parents as well

checkbox6Bus Maintenance

checkbox6Mobile DVR/CCTV Camera

checkbox6Fuel, Temperature, AC, Panic & Harsh break Monitoring Live Bus Tracking on Digital Map


Safety Features

checkbox6Student not checked in/out

checkbox6Any Student Checking Out wrong location

checkbox6Bus Empty checking

checkbox6Over speed




checkbox6Harsh Break

What Parents Will Get?

checkbox6SMS Notifications

checkbox6Student Arriving

checkbox6Student Leaving

checkbox6Student Attendance Checking

checkbox6Smart Applications Access

checkbox6Web Portal Access

checkbox6Student Safety Ensured

What School Will Get?

checkbox6All the features of Parents

checkbox6Bus Routes & Stops Monitoring

checkbox6Students check-IN & check-OUT alerts

checkbox6CCTV Surveillance on the bus

checkbox6Exception Alerts on missed check-IN/OUT

checkbox6Left-out students in the bus or School if any

checkbox6Driver Behavior Monitoring

checkbox6Students activities in the bus

checkbox6Bus Scheduling and Monitoring

checkbox6Students Safety Ensured

What Fleet Manager Will Get?

checkbox6All the Features of  Parents & School

checkbox6Cost Reduction by

checkbox6Fleet Utilization Optimization

checkbox6Idling Control

checkbox6Over Speed Control

checkbox6Total Loss Vehicle Reduction

checkbox6Scheduled/On-time Service

checkbox6Driving Habit Monitoring

checkbox6After Office Hour Driving Monitoring

checkbox6Maintenance history of the vehicle can be managed



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