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GPS Tracking System


DATAMETRIC vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. Modern vehicle tracking systems commonly use GPS technology for locating the vehicle, but other types of automatic vehicle location technology can also be used. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic map via the Internet or specialized software.

Whether you run a fleet of tow trucks, utility trucks or service vehicles, you need to know that your vehicles are where they are supposed to be and your drivers are using those vehicles safely and efficiently. You also need tools to help maintain your vehicles well, so you can get the most long term use from your fleet. GPS fleet tracking software provides all of these benefits and more, helping you run an efficient, safe and effective fleet.


Our robust DATAMETRIC GPS software is a full-featured commercial fleet tracking software that provides concrete benefits to your business, including:

Truck Activity Reporting

checkbox6Detailed reports that help you improve operations

checkbox6Advanced reporting tools to monitor vehicles in real time via Google Maps

checkbox624/7 tracking of your trucks, assets and drivers

checkbox6Historical data and powerful analysis tools to help manage your fleet effectively

checkbox6Driver behavior reporting to minimize fuel-wasting behaviors and ensure safe driving

checkbox6Online reports that can be printed or downloaded as an Excel, Word or Adobe PDF file

checkbox6Online reports that can be accessed on any Internet-connected device for analysis in the field

Mapping Technology

checkbox6Animated Map Replay to retrace a vehicle’s route on a map

checkbox6Bread crumb trails of each stop and change in direction

checkbox6GPS data on vehicle location, speed, directional heading and street address

checkbox6Real-time mapping for effective routing

Real-Time Alerts

checkbox6Customizable alerts powered by mobile GPS and delivered to your smart phone

checkbox6Notifications for inactivity, speed limit exceeded, driver performance, arrival and departure times, and more

Mobile Apps

checkbox6Notify me fleet tracking via Android and Apple vehicle tracking apps

checkbox6Software that sends comprehensive fleet tracking information to phones and tablets

checkbox6Free downloads of the Notify me mobile app in the Android Google Play store and Apple App Store



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What Does Datametric Fleet Tracker Include?


“At a glance” dashboard can be customized  by selecting the appropriate widgets. Data within the widgets can be drilled down to provide a more detailed picture.


An extensive reporting suite allows access to reports as and when required, including the facility to schedule certain reports which can be automatically sent.

Alarms & Alerts

A comprehensive alarm suite allows management to configure alarms and be notified by email against key events such as speeding, entry/exit of geofences and more.

Share Locations

Share live locations and journey history with third parties to provide them with more information and strengthen their confidence in
your service.


An extremely useful tool allowing administrators to search by any specific location and time frame to understand when vehicles have driven through.


Virtual geographic boundaries which can be drawn to fit any location to record when vehicles have passed through or ended their journeys at the geofenced location.

Journey Playback

Replay a specific vehicle journey to understand at a glance the snail-trail and route taken.
Colour coded icons display speeding/idle events.



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