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Proof Of Delivery

Proof Of delivery


Datametric’s Proof Of Delivery Solutions combine everything you need to start automating your package delivery system. Software joins a Microsoft Access/Sql Server database on the PC, and a Windows Mobile based handheld computer with an integrated barcode scanner. The software will allow you to scan in packages as they are received using the existing barcodes, assign packages to the recipient, collect a signature upon delivery, and generate daily reports.

Key Features:

checkbox6  Generate reports for internal package tracking.

checkbox6  Record time and date stamp for receipt and delivery.

checkbox6  Provide electronic proof-of-delivery with signature capture and pictures of installation to increase customer satisfaction.

checkbox6  Utilize GPS tracking to gain real-time, end-to-end visibility of deliveries

checkbox6  Complete more pickups and deliveries each day per driver

checkbox6  Improve customer and driver satisfaction

checkbox6  Eliminate manual and paper processes

checkbox6  Collect data to measure KPIs

checkbox6  Automatically email final receipts upon delivery.

checkbox6  Reduce time from mailroom to recipient.

checkbox6  Reduce time spent looking for lost packages.

checkbox6  Increase efficiency in the mailroom.



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