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Datametric, has various software and hardware solutions to help you conduct year-end inventory counts that will drastically reduce the time and effort it takes to perform them. As items cannot be added to, or taken away from, your inventory as it is being counted, performing an inventory count in as little time as possible while maintaining its integrity is critical to keeping your business up and running.

Counting The Inventory

You will want to perform inventory counts during a low-point of your inventory activity. Perhaps during a slow season, or on a weekend. During the inventory counting process, items cannot be transferred, moved in to, or out of inventory. The process must be completed without any interruption.
Once the count has been completed, the items that were counted need to be matched up against your system by an independent person. An inventory software package can do this process for you automatically. Any discrepancies in your inventory count should be investigated by a counting team, preferably a different team than the one that did the counting. For instance, the team that counted items in Zone A can check discrepancies in Zone B, and Zone B’s team can recount items in Zone A.

Once all discrepancies are ironed out your physical inventory is complete and you can resume your daily processes. Make sure to record any adjustments you make to your inventory for accounting purposes.


Inventory Tracking Software

The software you use will determine how you track your inventory. Support for real-time vs. batch updates and the depth of reporting will determine which application is most appropriate for your business.

Mobile Computer

Inventory tracking requires users to be on the move throughout your facility making updates and changes. Depending on your environment and need for wireless communication a range of devices can serve your process.

Wireless Infrastructure

Many businesses need inventory updates to occur in real-time and a wireless network is a required tool to do so. No matter the size of your facility, a network can be scaled to accommodate it.

Barcode Printer

In order to track items quickly and easily, they need to be labeled with a barcode. Printing can be done at fixed units for high volume printing or on the move with mobile printers.

Key Benefits

checkbox6  Accuracy – Eliminate human error in inventory counting.

checkbox6  Speed – Reduce man hours by using automated data capture.

checkbox6  Accountability – Document shrinkage and loss to identify steps to reduce them.

checkbox6  Mobility – Make adjustments or replace damaged/unreadable labels on-the-spot using mobile computers and printers.



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